Your engine’s lifeblood—what type of oil should you use?

Listings Of contractors - Forums On Diagnosis & Repair - The number 30 at the end represents how well the oil flows after it has been heated to 212° Fahrenheit or higher. The “W” stands for winter and represents the viscosity of the oil in cold conditions—meaning it has been tested at very low temperatures such as -30° Fahrenheit and can properly lubricate in that environment. So what does SAE-0W-30, 5W-30, or 10W-30 even mean? The higher the initial number, the thicker the oil—0 is like water and 10 is like honey. . Hence 0W-30, 5W-30, and 10W-30 all have the same viscosity at 212° Fahrenheit, but at lower temperatures, 0W-30 has the least viscosity and 10W-30 has the highest viscosity. ..More

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Realtors and Property Managers….help with lawn care has arrived

Popular nationwide licensed contractors - Service Contractor Forum Pages - Needless to say, property managers are responsible for keeping property owners and tenants satisfied with the condition of the properties managed. For real estate professionals, staying current with real estate laws, tracking trends in the market, generating leads, marketing, coordinating open houses, and closing of properties, are duties these pros have to perform for multiple clients on a daily basis. Real estate professionals and property managers carry out a multitude of “behind the scenes” tasks, tasks occasionally be taken for granted by individuals looking to purchase or rent a home. This job involves maintaining the dwelling units and grounds, arranging any and all repairs, and making renovations for anywhere from a few homes to multiple commercial properties. ..More

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Freeze and Thaw Cycles Weaken Your Pavement

Local industrial contractors - Help Center - Repair & Service Guide -   With repeated cycles of freezing and thawing, the pavement expands and contracts so you can imagine this weakens the material over time.   This is no different from your pavement. When any material freezes and thaws, it also expands and contracts ever so slightly. ..More

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Too busy to grow your lawn care business? GreenPal to the rescue.

Search and locate contractors - Service Consultant Forum Pages - The reasons for this staggering number vary but the stat is still eye opening nonetheless. Fortunately, for lawn care businesses, help has arrived. With so many competencies needed to make a business survive—marketing, accounting, etc—where does a company reach out for help? With so many marketing gimmicks and companies promising to “grow your business,” great opportunities may be missed amongst all their noise. According to Forbes. com, 80% of small businesses fail within the first 18 months of operation; this includes lawn care businesses. . ..More

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“Are time and money really saved by mowing the lawn myself?”

Best Local emergency contractors - Repair DIY Help Center - Are you really saving money by doing routine lawn care yourself? Have you ever wondered how long you spend performing that trivial task that could have been spent doing something else? Do you know the dangers associated with lawn care? Interestingly enough, lawn care is one chore that most people believe saves time and money; but does it really? . ..More

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