Does the Sun Damage Your Boise Pavement?

10 Best reputed residential contractors - Repair & Troublshooting Blogs -   That is perfectly okay, you just need to be aware of this so you can properly care for your pavement. The short answer is that yes, extended exposure to the sun can have a damaging effect on your pavement.   You might be thinking that your pavement is always in the sun, and there isn't anything you can really do about it. ..More

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Paying too much lawn care? We have done the research

Locate Nearby emergency contractors - Repair & Service Forums - ” . “This is pretty standard pricing in our neck of the woods. Houston, Texas—Francisco Gonzalez with Galicia Lawn Care in Houston, Texas charges a flat fee per lot size. “I make my pricing simple by charging $35 for 1/4 acre, $45 for ½ acre, and $60 for a full acre,” Gonzalez says. ..More

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Parking Lot Maintenance: Sweeping

Best Local emergency contractors - Let's Talk - Forum Pages -   With today’s challenging economy, keeping and maintaining your parking lot is no longer just a good idea, it is now a requirement.  A professional property owner or manager understands that their guests, shoppers, and tenants begin making judgments about their property the moment they pull into their parking lot or structure. Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the first thing my customers see when they are driving by or pulling into my parking lot?”  Do they see a well-maintained parking lot that is clean and cosmetically pleasing? Shopping centers, office parks, and apartment complexes rely on sweeping to make a good first impression. Another factor is the parking lot striping of your Boise business, but that's a subject for another time. ..More

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Could these poisonous plants ruin your summer?

10 Best reputed professional contractors - Your Local Forums on Repair Issues - . If the rash is really problematic, oral antihistamines can be useful to treat the inflammation and itching side effects. A general rule of thumb in these scenarios is that if you feel your case of any of the poisons is severe, err on the side of caution and seek a medical professional. If the symptoms persist to an unbearable level or if the rash is quite comprehensive in terms of effected area, going to a doctor and inquiring about prescription steroids or antihistamines remains an option. The two most common and effective over-the-counter medications are Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and Claritin (loratadine) ..More

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The Rain is Here- Protect Your Parking Lot

Popular industrial contractors - Service Technician Forum Pages - . Standing water and heavy traffic are the worst enemies of a parking lot.   Add freezing and thawing temperatures to the mix, and now you begin to see potholing of the asphalt and complete asphalt failures.  The more traffic, the more hydraulic pumping makes the cracks larger and larger eventually allowing more water into the asphalt and sub-grade.  Pavement Specialty’s seal coat provides a waterproof surface and protection from the constant abuse of traffic.  Traffic and water have a hydraulic pumping effect causing the subgrade and asphalt to flex creating cracks ..More

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